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125: DRIP: The Rain Epsiode

Today on the First 40 Miles, DRIP: The Rain Episode.  Don’t let the rain keep you from getting outside!  We’ll have some great gear recommendations for your next drippy trip.  Then, a 3 layer rain jacket designed to sock it to Mother Nature.  For the Backpack Hack of the Week, a way to keep your maps from disintegrating in a downpour.  And we’ll leave you with a little trail wisdom from a man who is known for his humor…or wisdom… we can’t tell the difference.

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010: The Shake Down

The Shake Down: a trendy new dance move or a backpacking pre-trip? Next, learn a few tricks from the Boy Scouts from their iconic Merit Badge Pamphlets. Then, the Leglers revisit some rain gear that went through some blackberry vines and lived to tell the story. Lastly, Heather has invented a perfect solution to the messy bar of soap—and we promise it doesn’t use nylon stockings! You’ll love it!

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004: How to Close the Backpack Gap

When was your last hiking or backpacking adventure? We'll talk about how to close the gap between your last adventure and your next one. Next, learn the secrets to avoid losing your backpacking gear on the trail. We'll review a low cost, lightweight piece of truly breathable rain gear. And you'll learn how to make a high calorie Mediterranean favorite on the trail that will go perfectly with that smashed pita bread in your pack.

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