020: Pranks on the Trail

We’re excited to share some Kickstarter stories that will spotlight creativity that benefits backpackers. Then, in celebration of April Fools Day, we give you 5 cringe-worthy pranks that will leave your trail mates wondering why they invited you. Then the SUMMIT™ Gear Review features a puffy that retains 96% of its warmth—even when wet! The Backpack Hack of the Week™ will show you a simple trick to win the Man vs Paracord battle. And we’ll wrap up the show with a little trail wisdom from a random snarky person on the internet.

Show Notes: Episode 020


FOGO: Ultimate Adventure Gadget

  • Most important feature? safety
  • Group connected, crash detection functioning, inactivity tracker (set time) will send out distress beacon, tracking
  • GPS metrics
  • Walkie talkie, with 3 mile range

Bigfoot Trail Alliance

  • Not a joke
  • 360 mile trail through California’s Klamath Mountains
  • 32 conifer species (6 wilderness areas and one national park)
  • Just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • Starts in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Winderness

Coming up on Kickstarter, the Bakpocket Products Tallac Pak, which will be an 8 ounce summit pack. Check it out!

Top 5 Best Backpacking Pranks

Kitty Toy Prank

Tie something to your friends pack so they dangles and drags behind them, kind of like a kitty toy. Extra bonus points if it’s a colorful item like a bandana. Extra points if they don’t notice it for more than a mile. Game over if your friend ends up attracting a mountain lion who wants to chase the kitty toy.

Spooky Eyes Prank

Requires two circles of reflective tape, 1/2 inch in diameter. Place them on a shrub. Then wait until night. When you shine your flashlight on them, ask “are those eyes?” Be sure to collect them when you go to “scare the animal away”.

Headless Backpacker Prank

Every time your friend ask you to take their picture, cut of their head in the photo. Even better with group shots If you really like your friend, take two pictures. One with and one without their head.

Th Ol’ Map Switcharoo

Bring an old outdated map and get your other hiking buddies to huddle around it. When your other friend comes over to see what’s going on, hilarity will ensue as the confusion begins!

Bubbling Spring Prank

Bring a bottle of seltzer water and peel off the label, so no one suspects. When you get achance, fill someone’s water bottle with the sparkiling water. Even better if you’re in charge of pumping water for the group. Pour a little in everyone’s bottle and ask them if this water isn’t the freshest they’ve ever tasted!

SUMMIT Gear Review™: Patagonia Men’s Nano Puff


  • 60 gram PrimaLoft Gold Insulation
  • 100% Recycled Polyester Ripstop Nylon Shell
  • DWR Finish (Durable Water Repellant)


  • Windproof
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio
  • Drawcord hem
  • Retains 96% of its warmth even when wet


  • 8 oz (334 grams)
  • Compresses very well into self-contained pouch


  • It’s a insulating layer, not touching skin
  • Should be washed infrequently


  • $199


  • Successful trial
  • Great investment
  • Gear with great features

Backpack Hack of the Week™: Tangle-Proof Paracord

Wrap in a figure 8 between your thumb and pinky finger. When you get close to end wrap the final foot around the middle of the figure 8 and secure tail under last loop.

Trail Wisdom

The reason it’s called Mother Nature is because if it were called Father Nature the weather would be a lot more predictable.