019: This Land Was Made for You and Me

This land was made for you and me and 132,000 acres of Redwood trees in the Redwood National and State Park. Next, we share our top 5 tips for planning backpacking trips in the National Forests. The SUMMIT Gear Review will show you a first aid essential that is lighter than a band-aid. For the Backpack Hack of the Week, you’ll learn a simple trick to reduce pack bulk. And we’ll wrap up the show with a little trail wisdom from our good friend on the trail, writer and anthropologist, Richard Nelson.

Show Notes: Episode 019


  •  National Parks vs. National Forests
  • Trip planning near the Redwoods
  • Six Rivers National Forest (to the east of Redwood National and State Forests)
  • Smith River National Recreation Area

Top 5 for Tips for Trip Planning in the National Forests

  1. Go to at www.fs.fed.us
    1. Site of the US Forest Service
    2. Have interactive maps with drop down menu
    3. It’s the perfect launching point
  2. Keep notes on areas you want to explore…
    1. There are many uses for a National Forest, and not all activities are allowed in all areas of the National Forest.
    2. Click on Recreation, the Hiking , then Backpacking
  3. Call the Ranger for the district you want to explore.
    1. They are on site and know the area very well
    2. Its motto is “Caring for the land and serving people.”
    3. They want to answer questions and help you find great recreation opportunities!
  4. Read Trail Reports online
    1. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a Ranger District or Recreation Area within the National Forest, you can really get down to details and see what others have written about specific hikes and the dispersed camping options and water availability on those trails.
  5. Print free maps or buy maps from their site
    1. Also, check out the Avenza Map App

USFS Airtanker Scandal

SUMMIT Gear Review™: Feverscan Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer


  • Unbreakable,
  • Liquid crystal, but no leakable liquid…
  • LCD


  • It’s a quick reading device that will give you a general temperature range.


  • Weight didn’t register on scale


  • Clean with soap and water or alcohol or not at all
  • Keep it in its little plastic protective sleeve
  • Store out of sunlight, dampness or direct heat



  • Works
  • It stays in my first aid kit
  • For fever or hypothermia, I’m glad I have this simple first aid item

Backpack Hack of the Week™: Poke the Bag

If you have purchased freeze dried food, sometimes it contains a lot of extra air. To make the bags compress down and take up less volume in your pack. There is one simple trick. Near the top of the bag, poke a small hole with a pin. Then press the air out and seal the hole on both sides of the bag with clear tape. Saves space in your pack!

Trail Wisdom

“There may be more to learn from climbing the same mountain a hundred times than by climbing a hundred different mountains.”
-Richard Nelson