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140: College of Blister Knowledge

Today on the First 40 Miles, for everyone else it’s summer vacation, but not for you.  We’ve enrolled you in summer school.  Welcome to the College of Blister Knowledge.  We’re glad you popped in!  We’re going to do all we can today to prevent this universal trail trial.  Then, on the SUMMIT Gear Review, a water filter that performs equally well in nearly dry creek beds  or rushing glacial run-off.  And one of our first 40 milers will share a wild trip he took with some friends. 

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056: St. Nick on the Trail

Today on The First 40 Miles, 'tis the season for Christmas parodies! Then on today’s Top 5 List, we’ll share some fun ways to present your gifts. Next, on the SUMMIT Gear Review, a piece of gear that will leave you feeling as fresh as a snowdrift. On the Backpack Hack of the Week, a one dollar solution that will help you feel a whole lot smarter and lighter! And we’ll wrap up the show with a little trail wisdom from one of the most quotable men in history.

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