195: A LONG HIKE: Prepping for a Weeklong Trip

Show Notes: Episode 195

Today on the First 40 Miles, this week we’ll talk about an upcoming weeklong trip and what we’re doing to prepare.  Then, if you’ve got an itch to hit the trail, but you have no gear, we’ll hook you up with a company who can supply the gear for your first trip.  For today’s Backpack Hack for the Week, Josh picked the perfect app for our upcoming backpacking adventure.  And we’ll share a little trail wisdom from someone who didn’t do anything halfway.


  • 93 miles
  • Invited kids—who said yes?
  • Met with Steve
  • What else are we doing to prepare?

Top 5 Things We’re Doing to Prepare for a Weeklong Trip

Take Care of Basic Logistics of a Weeklong Hike

  • Meeting with Steve to get details of trip
  • Water, stopping points, daily miles
  • First day of hike, meeting with his wife who will transport us to the trail head
  • Logistics of leaving home: home prep (secure house, mail, garden), church responsibilities, the podcast, etc.

Load Bearing Hikes + Miles

  • 8-10 mile hikes
  • Shakedown

Gauging our youngest child’s endurance

  • We wants to go, but 10-15 miles a day is more than he’s done with a pack on his back
  • Either I can help him drop his pack weight even more, or I can carry some of his gear

Route is planned, but the hike is going to be what we make it

  • What will you make the hike?
  • Look for ways to make it better for others
  • Unplug
  • Creative expression

Mentally Prepare for the Unexpected

  • Contingency plan
  • What if?
  • Night hiking?
  • Weather…
  • Think through different possible scenarios

SUMMIT Gear Review™: CampRents


  • Schedule your trip at least a week out


  • They send the basics
  • Comes with a bear bin with food in it


  • Part of that depends on what else you pack


  • Mail back the day after you come home
  • Send it back dry and stinky, not wet and muddy.


  • $220 for two nights (two night minimum)
  • Daily Late Fee $50/day


  • Good food
  • Solid gear
  • Creative idea
  • Perfect for city dwellers with limited space, rare backpacker,
  • Ideas: wish it came with deals off gear purchases or codes
  • Not limited budget

Backpack Hack of the Week™: Halfmile’s PCT App

  • An app that helps you along the PCT

Trail Wisdom

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”
—Vincent van Gogh

If you’re looking for fun backpacking books and merch, check out thefirst40miles.com/shop.  We’ll see you next time on The First 40 Miles.