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094: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2016

Today on the First 40 Miles, a sneak peek inside 2017 outdoor trends and upcoming gear!  Then, on the SUMMIT Gear Review we’ll share a Nalgene that is 50% more than the Nalgene you already have.  And the Backpack Hack of the week you’ll learn another use for a Nalgene that will get you ready for those chilly autumn nights.  And we’ll wrap up the show with a vision of green threads!

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091: A Beginner Forever

Today on the First 40 Miles, if you’re new to backpacking, how long are you allowed to claim that beginner status?  And what does it mean to be a beginner?  Then on today’s Top 5 List, are you ready to go tentless?  We’ll share some benefits.  Next on today’s SUMMIT Gear Review, Hyperlite Mountain Gear has a pack that shaves ounces, while being tougher than your grandpa’s drill sergeant.  On the Backpack Hack of the Week, a simple and cheap way to get double the insulation.

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090: HANG: The Hammock Camping Episode

Today on the First 40 Miles, HANG: The Hammock Camping Episode!  We’ve always schlepped a tent while backpacking, but recently our eyes were opened to the other options on the trail.  And today, we’re all about the possibilities that hammock camping opens up to backpackers.  Next, the SUMMIT Gear Review turns into the SUMMIT Gear Dump, as we unload the box of gear that was loaned to us for our first hammock trip.  Next, on the Backpack Hack of the Week, a quick way to find the perfect distance between two trees. 

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