171: Survival Essentials

Show Notes: Episode 171

Today on the First 40 Miles, we’re most of the way through winter—and we’ve survived!  And for today’s top 5 list, we’ll share some survival essentials—known to the bushcrafters as “the five Cs”.  Then we’ll share one of the best subscription boxes we’ve found, that will help you hone your survival skills into a craft.  Next, a backpack hack that’ll prepare you for surviving laundry.


  • Our winter so far…
  • Ape Caves Adventure
  • Overnight backpacking trip
  • Christmas tree from our 4th grader’s Every Kid in a Park pass

Top 5  Survival Essentials (a.k.a The 5 C’s)


  • Cover is important because it protects you from nature and the elements
  • More than just a tent or tarp—this survival essential is also about having the proper clothing and first aid essentials


  • Knife
  • One of the 10 Essentials
  • Knife is a first aid tool, a meal prep tool, a problem solving tool, a fix it tool, and a self-defense tool.
  • Is your knife adequate?


  • Cup can mean more than just a water bottle…
  • Sierra cup for boiling water, means a secondary form of water purification
  • Dry bag in your pack can serve double duty as a way to haul water.
  • What else can a cup be used for?


  • Rope, string, paracord, guylines, etc.
  • What do you use cordage for?
  • leverage/tools/projects
  • Clothing can be cordage


  • Combustion is just another word for power
  • What if I don’t want to have a fire? Do I still need a method of combustion?  Yes!  You still need a way to start a fire and you still need light, even if you think you won’t actually use them.
  • Consider bringing a charger if you plan on using electronics.

SUMMIT Gear Review™:  Apocabox Subscription Service


  • Bi monthly subscription survival box
  • Things come in reuseable drawstring bags
  • Meant for wilderness survival—and focuses on teaching skills and outfitting you for outdoor survival
  • It’s not a box filled with samples of the latest granola bar, a bottle opener and an acrylic beanie.
  • For each box, Creek Stewart makes a video that helps you through the skills challenge
  • Exposed to new ideas, types of carving methods, ancient ways
  • Education centered, project centric.
  • Meant to inspire you to get out, do something, be in nature, and challenge yourself.


  • Incredibly useful items that beef up your outdoor skills
  • Items offered in the past: books, mini manuals, kits to make an outdoor survival item, resin for repairing things, handcrafted items, multi-use items, “ancient ways” stuff,
  • To get an idea of past boxes, we went to YouTube and watched some videos


  • Box has a variety of items, no box is ever a “repeat”


  • The Apocabox is a subscription service created by someone who doesn’t want you to feel trapped by a subscription service. You can order just one box as a gift to yourself or to someone else.  No problem.  There are other options as well.  You can start a subscription and keep it going.  Cancel any time.  No tricky weird stuff.
  • You may receive a box with a trap in it, but this subscription isn’t a trap.
  • FEBRUARY: Billing Date: 2/1, Shipment Date: 2/15
  • APRIL: Billing Date: 4/1, Shipment Date: 4/15
  • JUNE: Billing Date: 6/1, Shipment Date: 6/15
  • AUGUST: Billing Date: 8/1, Shipment Date: 8/15
  • OCTOBER: Billing Date: 10/1, Shipment Date: 10/15
  • DECEMBER: Billing Date: 12/1, Shipment Date: 12/15


  • $50 a box $12 shipping (in the US)
  • Shipping is available worldwide-check the website for pricing.
  • Video is of great value
  • Video I saw is of Creek Stewart teaching you how to put together the knife, shape the handle and create a sheath that fits the knife perfectly. If you recognize the tutorial video as one of the unique products, you are getting not only the value of the items in the box, but the tutelage of a master outdoorsman and craftsman.


  • If you have a product that you’ve created, that you’d like to see in the Apocabox, email customerservice@myapocabox.com. Include the following: Photo of product, Best wholesale price and Product description.
  • Unique items that open your mind to the time honored, traditional ways of survival.
  • We received a sampling of some things that have been in past Apocabox shipments, just to give us an idea of what Apocabox is all about… all items designed to enrich your outdoor experience
  • Favorite items in the box

Backpack Hack of the Week™: Plastic Bread Bag Clips for Ultralight Clothespins

  • This hack is from Creek Stewart’s book, Survival Hacks
  • When you have to wash a few items of clothing on a backpacking trip, it’s simple to hang a line for your clothes to dry out on. To keep your clothes from being blown away, use plastic bread bag clips (that come with your bread) as ultralight clothespins.
  • Free, ultralight, effective solution!
  • NOTE: Be careful not to snag your clothes as you remove them from the laundry line

Trail Wisdom

“Walking brings out the true character of a man. The devil never yet asked his victims to take a walk with him. You will not be long in finding your companion out. All disguises will fall away from him.”

–John Burroughs