Trail Fuel: 40 Quick & Easy Recipes for Wilderness Backpacking



My first experience with preparing food for a backpacking trip was when my husband was prepping for his first backpacking trip since his time as a boy scout.  He explained, “All I know is that I need foods that are calorie dense.”

Because of the length and intensity of the trip, he needed human rocket fuel.

Over the course of a few days, we planned his menu, put together calorie-dense meals, and tried to give enough variety for the five day adventure.

Then something happened that I never expected.

I was invited to go.

With only a week to prepare, I did a crash course in backpacking.  I loaded up my pack with all the necessities of life—plus some of those calorie dense foods that I had picked out for Josh only days before. And we were off! It was a week of peanut butter packets, granola bars, M&Ms, dehydrated dinners, and beautiful vistas!

What makes great backpacking food?

  • It’s calorie-dense.
  • It’s shelf-stable.
  • It’s simple to prepare.
  • It’s a good mix of naughty and nice.
  • It’s adaptable and idiot-proof.

Whether you’re new to backpacking or you’ve been on more trails than you can shake a trekking pole at, this cookbook will inspire you to rethink the essentials, lighten your load, and make the most of your time on the trail.



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