100: Celebrating Episode 100!

Show Notes: Episode 100

Today on the First 40 Miles, this is episode 100!  And we have a shocking revelation: this is not a backpacking podcast—and we’ll tell you why in our top 5 list today.  We’ll also have a fun announcement that will put our First 40 Milers and their stories on center stage. For today’s Backpack Hack of the Week, a simple no cook dinner that packs in flavor, nutritional density, and over 1000 calories.


  • Episode 100! What we’ve loved so far about this podcast
  • Hearing people’s stories
  • New hand lettered T shirt announcement!

Top 5 Things The First 40 Miles is Really About


  • On a backpacking trip, it’s your job to be 100% prepared. You bring all the tools and supplies you need.
  • “Everything transfers”
  • If you can learn self-sufficiency in one area of your life, it will spill over into other areas of your life.


  • This is a podcast about making priorities
  • Prioritizing time outside and time with those you love

Finding the Divine in Nature

  • God created this world and everything in it so that when we see those things they remind us of how much he loves us
  • All the principles of design are found in nature
  • Balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, rhythm , variety, unity.
  • It’s clear that this world was not only created and organized, but divinely designed as well.


  • Backpacking is one of the most creative things you can do.
  • Not only does it spur creative ideas, but it also forces you to think creatively.

Finding Your Own Path

  • Everyone approaches the outdoors with their own expectations and their own way
  • Not everything that we talk about on The First 40 Miles will resonate with every listener
  • That’s part of the great thing about backpacking! You create your own story!  You create your own journey!  You get out of it what you want to get out of it!
  • We’re simply here to encourage you along your own path and share our experiences

Announcement about TheFirst40Miles.com/story

  • We are collecting stories of your most recent backpacking trip and why it was memorable. To share your story, go to 
  • TheFirst40Miles.com/story
  • Two stories from friends at the Outdoor Retailer show

Backpack Hack of the Week™: Best Dinner Yet

1 cup bulgar
1 can lightly smoked sardines in oil (do not drain!)
1 cup water
4 ounce block hard cheese (asiago, cheddar, pecorino Romano)
1 cup water

Add water to bulgar and wait 90 minutes for bulgar to rehydrate.  Add in other ingredients.

About 1,069 calories

Trail Wisdom

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

-Frank A. Clark